None Like Him

My friend sent this precious book to me a few months ago and I think it just arrived in perfect time to my life. None Like Him by Jen Wilkin.

In a season where I’m too self conscious and find myself on myself constantly doubtful, this just remind me I’m His.

Standing in awe for what’s He has done in my life in the past, being grateful for what He’s still doing and expectant of the many answers on my future, my mind finds space to stop just thinking in my today’s struggles.

Take a time to remind yourself WHO GOD IS and how we are not like Him.

Hope you like the quotes and make you look on for a copy.


Un regalo ser libre incluso de mí misma. Últimamente Dios me ha llevado a meditar en esta libertad que solamente Él puede regalar. Creo que no he sabido aprovecharla ni honrarla.

“Por precio fuisteis comprados; no os hagáis esclavos de los hombres.”

1 Corintios 7:23

Si anhelas esta libertad, escríbeme para que te la comparta. Si ya recibiste a CRISTO, te lo recuerdo: ERES LIBRE. No te hagas esclavo de tus emociones, de tus circunstancias, de ninguna persona, de NADA. No límites el poder de Dios, VUELA.

Les dejo este cover de “No Longer Slaves” en Español que subí a mi canal de YouTube. La letra es una bendición. Cantarla es meditar en Su poder sobre el mío y regresar mi mirada a la meta de Su llamado.

NO LONGER SLAVES <—— haz click aquí


Me envuelves hoy

Con una canción

Melodía de tu amor

Me das libertad

En la adversidad

Ya no hay más temor

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Antes de nacer

Escogido fui

Por ese gran amor

Volví a nacer

Pertenezco a ti

Tu sangre fluye en mí

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Oh oh

Abriste el mar para que yo pasara

Tu amor perfecto me libró

Me rescataste

Y hoy cantaré

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Abriste el mar para que yo pasara

Tu amor perfecto me libró

Me rescataste

Y hoy cantaré

Yo soy hijo de Dios

¿Espectador o Participante?

I just can’t synthesize this in my mind, I’ll try in words. 

There he was standing by my desk, my work’s desk, crying while wishing he could understand what God planned for his life. 

As a kid (8-13) I was his huge fan, I even got to ask him for an autograph once. I couldn’t miss any episode of his show on Tuesdays. He had such an amazing ingenious sense of humor, laughing could last for the whole week. Was the kind of show you couldn’t skip because you wouldn’t have anything to talk about at school. I have always said Dad, Mom, and him raised me’cause my jokes, slangs, and perception of life was greatly influenced my childhood . He shaped my vocabulary in such an impressive way it’s still very difficult for me to drop it. I dreamed I could some day be as funny as him, and maybe be invited to sing at his show. 

As an adult (and now born-again Believer) I can’t understand why my very then-strict parents allowed me to watch an adult-targeted show with bad words and double-sense phrases. When I received Christ as my Saviour, I stopped watching what was my favorite night show of the week; without being told so, I realized how unhealthy it was for a child to hear this expressions and adult jokes and just quit. This was very easy for me because I had a better thing to talk about at school and tried to convince my classmates about the new life they could have and this now occupied my mind more than anything. 

I’m now working as a teacher for my church, I love my job, I feel this can turn a whole nation to Jesus. This new generation I’m serving, is growing in the principles every citizen, politician, or athlete, should follow to have a successful and peaceful life with themselves, others, and God. I lead worship on Saturdays and Sundays at my church and I’m in no need of a stage or TV show to feel complete. I serve Him wherever I have a chance. 

This weekend was a special one for my congregation . We celebrated two complete years of having a building for our own to have the services and school after 18 years of renting a hotel hall. We made three live worship concerts to celebrate with the church members and preach the Gospel to invitees. 

At the principal event he — my childhood’s idol — appeared to be sitting in the first row 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱. I tried no to look at him, and just focus on God while performing. I just kept on praying in my heart that he could surrender his life to Jesus. I already knew that  he was born again few years ago with the pastor whom we invited to preach at the concert that night, but he didn’t seem to be walking in Christian life that much. 

He is the fourth in the first row from left to right

The next day he came to the last concert and was not sitting in front (praise God). He even brought a friend to hear the message and everything. At the end, I was asked by my pastor to give him a tour through the place including the school. Sooooo I introduced myself to him paniclessly and joyfully. We were eight for the “tour”.  I started to explain the special method Accelerated Christian Education is, how kids are exposed to God’s Word all the time and how education is individualized; then he started talking about his kids, ex-wife (shocking news for me), and how he will like to have his kids in this kind of schools, Mexico’s  insecurity at schools, or failed educative system, etc. Suddenly he started to cry about wrong decisions, wasted time, regrets of past life, fears and how he wanted to know how to get to God’s plan for once in his life. Looking straight to my eyes, as if he knew me,  he told us how empty life is up in the summit of fame and money. I just couldn’t believe what my eyes and ears were witnessing in that moment. My goal as kid crying in front of me, regretting life fake success. It brought me to tears too. An inner voice screaming inside out began to burn. It was telling him not to worry,that he was just in the right place right now, at Jesus’ feet, realizing he was never going to be capable of walking the line in his own strength,that he first needed to surrender everything — riches, fame, success, dreams, goals, himself — and believe God is enough for his soul to be at bay finally. That there was no need to turn back. 

He was right “in my shoes” at that moment, standing on my work spot wishing he had just what I happen to have everyday since Jesus lives in my heart. I just remained silent in awe of God’s mercy for my life and how he needed to hold on to that mercy too. My pastor though, didn’t miss the opportunity to tell him he was greatly loved and that he just needed to decide “whom he will serve”. That he could make people laugh for other 25 years or he could lead them to Jesus instead. My pastor is my hero. 

Adal couldn’t hold his tears and kept on thanking my pastor for the message he gave earlier and how he regretted “forgetting about his first Love — Jesus” years ago after receiving Him as Saviour. We ended the meeting with a prayer for him and his friend for them to surrender their lives to Jesus and make Him their Lord. Adal thanked us adding to the story that six years ago, that same day, he received Christ in his heart. 

This was not a dream, this was not a usual meeting, this was God in His own special way of grabbing my attention. Thank you Jesus, real life is by your side. 


Pieces of me 

Always searching myself in my family. Still amazed by the way my Dad is present. Aunque soy igual que mi mamá, ver a la familia de mi papá me hace encontrar muchas explicaciones de mi misma. Me gusta entenderlo para entonces escoger si heredo o rompo alguna cadena. 

Dad’s Bible

I still miss you and want to know why you took me so far from our roots. 

He left his home at his 22s