“Find me here at Your feet again, Everything I am, reaching out, I surrender” 

Touch the Sky, Hillsong 

This girls truly know how to fight— they surrender. Teaching everyone a great lesson of never giving up, they kneel before God to thank Him, and ask Him for not less than miracles. I found this the bravest of all strategies of war : to recognise how powerless we are. There’s always a winning end to their stories —not common anecdotes at all— because God’s will is done. Though it’s invisible, they have the toughest of all armors and the sharpest of all swords, their faith and their Bibles. You’ll never see them hopeless, they’ll be facing any situation with a smile. Their always prepared with the best of the attitudes. 

Here they are, in my room, keeping a promise, making their part, warming my heart. 

Pieces of me 

Always searching myself in my family. Still amazed by the way my Dad is present. Aunque soy igual que mi mamá, ver a la familia de mi papá me hace encontrar muchas explicaciones de mi misma. Me gusta entenderlo para entonces escoger si heredo o rompo alguna cadena. 

Dad’s Bible

I still miss you and want to know why you took me so far from our roots. 

He left his home at his 22s