None Like Him

My friend sent this precious book to me a few months ago and I think it just arrived in perfect time to my life. None Like Him by Jen Wilkin.

In a season where I’m too self conscious and find myself on myself constantly doubtful, this just remind me I’m His.

Standing in awe for what’s He has done in my life in the past, being grateful for what He’s still doing and expectant of the many answers on my future, my mind finds space to stop just thinking in my today’s struggles.

Take a time to remind yourself WHO GOD IS and how we are not like Him.

Hope you like the quotes and make you look on for a copy.

Extreme – Not Expensive – 15Day – Italy Trip

I’m not rich at all, but money hasn’t been a problem to plan on travel. God has always been the sponsor to fulfill every desire my heart has prayed and not prayed for. He is a dream granter, an impossible conqueror, the provider every soul looks for in a father, and a very lovable friend with whom you can enjoy everything.

This time, the bucket list was checked again on the Italian wished dream. What certainly made it an over the top miracle was that my traveling buddies were my Mom and sister. Two years ago, my mom left to live to another city far away from us and her life was so difficult, we couldn’t even imagine been together on such a wonderful trip years later. But a miracle happened and we were able to join Sofia’s plan to visit this beautiful country.

We planned it justa few weeks before, but were able to find nice prices on the plane tickets. Though we found good prices on hotels, they weren’t as nice as we could’ve found with a little more time to book ahead. But, still we managed to reserve on great locations, excellent service and not-so-expensive prices.

In this post I want to share three things with you. First, a postcard with a 4 day Rome itinerary you can print/save, and take with you for a trip you make to Europe and want to add Rome to your plan. Second, a full 15-day itinerary for just Italy with a check space so you can mark on the things you’ve already done. It is written according to locations and was the plan we followed, so it is possible to visit everything on the list. And third, a list of tips if this is your first time that you’ll find helpful before you travel. If you want me to send anything privately to your email, please follow the blog, and I’ll be sending an email with it.

Click on this link to see the whole itinerary—>

List on things you should know:

  • For this specific train we bought the Italian train pass from Eurail for six days of traveling. You can travel six days and distribute them according to your plan; you can use unlimited distances among each day you use. For example, the day we went to Cinque Terre, we used a day of the pass for the 5 towns and to go back to Florence. DOWNLOAD the app it’s easy and needed to plan your leaving and arriving times. You’ll need to buy the pass before your trip. They don’t sell it in Europe.
  • GetYourGuide is one of the best web sites you can find to book on tours and passes to skip lines on the main attractions. We bought the entrance tickets and guide for the Vatican that included the museums, map room, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Cathedral. I compared prices with and were cheaper.
  • For de Duomo at Florence, Uffizi, Pompeii, we bought them directly to the official website of the places.
  • In Apple Music (and I suppose on Spotify also) you can search for free Audio Guides for most of the famous spots in Italy. I downloaded them before leaving the hotel in order to be able to hear them offline. This shapes you save a lot of money on guides. Italy has a lot of history!!! It’s crazy how many things you can find and won’t be able to retain all the information, so take a notebook with you and you can later search for information on places you found interesting.
  • DON’T TRAVEL ON SUMMER. though I enjoyed a lot, it is SUPER CROWDED and SUPER HOT.
  • For Florence, you will like to buy the ticket for the Duomo, cathedral, baptistery, the tower, and the museum on their website to skip lines, but you’ll need to register the day of your visit to the duomo at their offices in a automatic machine they have available. You can only use the ticket during 72hrs and the Duomo should be your last attraction to get in.
  • You can buy your tickets ahead or at the ticket office for Pompeii, but PLEASE plan your visit ahead or book a guided tour. There’s a map available on their website that indicates different kinds of routes you can make at the place depending on the time you have available.
  • For all the galleries I always try to make a list on the paintings I want to look at each site before I go. This way you won’t miss them, if it’s too crowded or the museum is too big to see everything and you have a tight schedule to stick on for that day.
  • Castle Sant’Angelo has a half price ticket after 7pm which was perfect to see the summer sunset and night view of the city while having dinner at the restaurant.
  • PLEASE BOOK A GUIDE for VATICAN it’s just to much you won’t be able to understand and enjoy anything without it.
  • Taste as many gelatos as you can.
  • Look for the shows happening at the Verona Arena when you’ll be visiting. I missed Evanescene #sadstory
  • This wasn’t exhausting at all, but I recommend you take naps in the trains. Eat as much protein as you can, bring a bottle of water with you. You’ll be able to fill it on the many fountains available around the cities.
  • You’ll need A LOT of cash,unlike other cities in Europe, they charge taxes on hotels apart and in cash at your arrival.

Hoteles we stayed in:

Booked Tours:

AudioGuides Albums on Apple Music:

For more tips, pictures, and crazy reviews, take a look at my instagram profile: @MexicanBugambilia Highlights – “Italia”. You can follow a day by day post with awesome pictures shot by my sister.

Not the fittest

Whoever has the luck to know me, remembers I’m the worst at sports. I’m extremely clumsy, highly weak, hate diets and spending money on any kind of expertise clothes.

A year ago, my pastor invited us to prove ourselves we could exercise our character by exercising physically. I try to always accept new challenges that will encourage my soul to get new spiritual victories. It doesn’t matter if by challenges means living an imminent trial, or face the discipline of a bad decision or sin. I know this life is short and anything matters if it will make it great up in heaven. So … this was a hard one for my beautiful, spoiled flesh.

Anyways… I started running, which I happened not to hate at all. The day I started I ran five km ! So it was not that bad. A week later I ran 8 kilometers (two from which I ran eating a delicious banana bread I found in the way back) and I felt great. A week after this one, I decided it would be good to buy some help for my tennis to make it more comfy to step. BAAAAAD IDEA I couldn’t even run three kms and I was in a huge knee pain I couldn’t even stand up. I didn’t went immediately to the doctor, so it got worse, and after three days of not getting any better, I decided to go to a friend’s physiotherapy gym.

I got better after I took the third session with this friend. He invited me to keep on going to the gym for functional workouts. I thought I could give it a try so I payed for a whole month subscription and I started right away.

Because I payed, I felt greatly motivated to go for at least three days a week. When the month finished, I couldn’t lie to myself. I was in love with this new thing. I paid for the next month and started going four days a week.

None of my family or friends believed what they were seeing. I was actually enjoying exercise.

Last month I realized it’s been a year since I first started, and I wanted to share my experience in a list so it may motivate you to start. If you have started, but feel discouraged about something, I hope this anecdotes can motivate you to continue.

    I’m clumsy as hell. I was afraid this wouldn’t be easy at all for me to do Functional Workouts cause it involves coordination, equilibrium, concentration which I happened to lack. For example, the first week they made me jump the rope. I’ve never done it before (as shocking as it sounds), but I tried, and tried and tried. At the end of the month I was able to do it. Now I love it haha.
    Once the instructor taught me how to use de TRX to do push ups. Thank God I was alone, cause I can’t tell you how long it took me to get it. We laughed for like 10 minutes jajaja.
    On Fridays I invite some friends to train with me. It makes it a motivation, because if you know me, I can’t have a Friday without plans. And this keeps me from not going, I make it “part of my Friday plan”. Soooo Party, we put on the music we like, laugh and compete (secretly). It feels so good to get out from the gym to continue partying the afternoon away. Jaja no regrets after desserts
    There was this time when, on Friday with a friend, we were doing an exercise with elastic bands. We were told to pay attention at the instructor first and then do the exercise. Of course I started imitating the instructor instead of waiting, and accidentally lost control of the band and it slammed my neck. We were not able to breathe for minutes; I was laughing so hard.
    There’s no way I can train with reggaeton, my breathing gets irregular, I start concentrating on the pain because I can’t sing to that music, my mind starts getting anxious because of the lyrics,, etc. So it has been really important for me that I can suggest the music I like to train with. That’s one the most important reasons why I continue in this gym. It’s no joke, for me to achieve goals during one day training, this has been crucial.
    Instructors are so relaxed, they keep the gym in a great mood, so you, as a girl, won’t feel observed. There’s always a feeling of respect among everyone and this helps not to get embarrassed and continue trying your best. You can get to feel the most confident on their instruction, that it makes it easy for you to build a good relationship with them and see the results in your body shape. They help you to achieve your personal goals, and motivate you do more than you think you’re able.
    After two months of exercising, my health improved in many ways. Relieving stress through working out is one of the GREATEST benefits I’ve got from it. Having less stress means better health.
    There has been a lot of times when, while doing some exercise, I start screaming to myself “I can’t do this”, “I’m done”, “I need to stop”, etc. It has been great to see what happens when I don’t believe myself and continue. I have achieved more than I ever imagine doing.

I could continue listing the many experiences I have won after a year of conquering this area in my life. I think character and discipline are things you can’t only pray for, those two aspects must be tried. For me, starting was the most difficult part of the experience. Continuing depends on how much you care about how others see you. If you do this for yourself, and to grow spiritually, it’s enough motivation. The other results you get after training, are great byproducts that help you make it part of your life routine.

If you have any excuses for this, just look at me. I’ve always been bullied for my clumsiness, I’ve always been weaker than my friends, vanity is not a motivation for me, and I will always love eating desserts. Write a comment to share your fears, or experiences. It would be great to laugh at others’ embarrassing moments.

the proof in videos:

Era la última ronda de cuatro. Si se dan cuenta, todos estos ejercicios los logré en una misma rola. Jajaja


Un regalo ser libre incluso de mí misma. Últimamente Dios me ha llevado a meditar en esta libertad que solamente Él puede regalar. Creo que no he sabido aprovecharla ni honrarla.

“Por precio fuisteis comprados; no os hagáis esclavos de los hombres.”

1 Corintios 7:23

Si anhelas esta libertad, escríbeme para que te la comparta. Si ya recibiste a CRISTO, te lo recuerdo: ERES LIBRE. No te hagas esclavo de tus emociones, de tus circunstancias, de ninguna persona, de NADA. No límites el poder de Dios, VUELA.

Les dejo este cover de “No Longer Slaves” en Español que subí a mi canal de YouTube. La letra es una bendición. Cantarla es meditar en Su poder sobre el mío y regresar mi mirada a la meta de Su llamado.

NO LONGER SLAVES <—— haz click aquí


Me envuelves hoy

Con una canción

Melodía de tu amor

Me das libertad

En la adversidad

Ya no hay más temor

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Antes de nacer

Escogido fui

Por ese gran amor

Volví a nacer

Pertenezco a ti

Tu sangre fluye en mí

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Ya no soy esclavo del temor

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Oh oh

Abriste el mar para que yo pasara

Tu amor perfecto me libró

Me rescataste

Y hoy cantaré

Yo soy hijo de Dios

Abriste el mar para que yo pasara

Tu amor perfecto me libró

Me rescataste

Y hoy cantaré

Yo soy hijo de Dios

The UKs

Aquí les dejo el itinerario que armé para un viaje por parte del Reino Unido!

Creo que ha sido uno de los mejores viajes de mi vida. La temporada que escogimos lo hizo más especial. Así que si piensas pasar un Año Nuevo en London-Baby, este itinerario te interesa!!

Conserven este comentario para cuando estén leyendo el itinerario: I’m a CRAZY walker. Es un viaje 100% intenso. Caminando he descubierto muchos lugares especiales.

Les dejo la foto del Programa que hice… soy una maniaca ajjajaa

Tips: compren el LONDON PASS con tarjeta de transporte ilimitado.

El tour gratuito de Escocia lo encuentran en

Compren el para viajar en tren (mil veces mejor que avión) entre el Reino Unido.

PD. Si quieren que les mande los links y el itinerario completo, escriban un mail a este correo:

Sería muy feliz si me escriben sus dudas o quieren más tips! Espero sus commentssss

Backstage life

I’ve always promised myself to enjoy the journey.

Backstage NEEDS to be a blessing. I’d never be able to give my all if the path that took me there wasn’t a rehearsal of the truths I’m singing about, a testimony of the grace I’m praising; if the obstacles and trials on the way, wouldn’t have made me GROW in order to worship with the freedom that only a forgiven heart experiences.

THANKS TO FAMILY, FRIENDS, CHURCH AND JESUS for coming along the way in spite of myself. This means a big part of my worship to God. I WILL ALWAYS BE IN DEBT, that’s why my life has been surrendered to His will for a long time now.

Nadé en gracia!

“Doy gracias al que me fortaleció, a Cristo Jesús nuestro Señor, porque me tuvo por fiel, poniéndome en el ministerio,”

1 Timoteo 1:12

Es Real 2019

Hoy me siento totalmente como la araña que describe Proverbios.

“La araña que atrapas con la mano, Y está en palacios de rey.”

Proverbios 30:28

Sigo siendo una araña, aunque esté viviendo en un palacio. Estoy ahí sólo porque Dios movió todo para fuera así. Pero sí estoy en el palacio. Jaja.

Este fin de semana dejamos todo listo para el evento en el Auditorio Nacional 👀

Les cuento del equipo:

SM58 es “la vieja confiable de Shure ” en microfonía para cantantes en stage.

Este micro es EL BETA 58 (Son cápsulas para touring de gama alta, la mejor que tienen). El que normalmente uso es el BETA 87 que a mi voz le va mejor. Pero toda la serie BETA es muy buena.

Para monitores PSM1000 es top of the line en @Shure Estoy acostumbrada a pedir mi mezcla de monitores y de sala, sin efecto y con buenos medios. Lo que más me gusta escuchar en monitores es al bajo y al público cantando 🙊. Detesto aislarme de lo que está pasando realmente en el momento.

El ingeniero de sonido que está conmigo es una bendición, puedo descansar en que sabe lo que necesito yyyyy es mi amigo. Así que hay confianza jaja. No pudo acompañarme en este evento pero me ayudó a distancia y con sus oraciones. Gracias, Juanito!

Nuestra Adoración Importa

En esto nunca se deja de aprender.

He vivido muchas diferentes etapas en este camino, todas Dios las ha usado para crecer en mi relación con Él.

Pretendo que esto continúe y que mi corazón siga deleitándose en esto.

Este año me hice estas preguntas:

¿Amas lo que Dios te ha dado?

¿Por qué continúas?

Me regalaron este libro y en respuesta hice una pausa breve en mi servicio para examinar mi corazón a la luz de la Palabra de Dios. Es el único estándar que sería válido, los demás son mediocres comparaciones.

Les paso un resumen de las frases que más me impactaron y en conclusión una lista de versículos que me sacaron adelante y me seguirán guiando.

  1. “El gran Dios no valora el servicio de los hombres, si el corazón no está en ello.”
  1. “Ser conmovido emocionalmente no es lo mismo que ser cambiado espiritualmente.”
  2. “somos engañados si pensamos que podemos tener deseos apasionados por Dios sin reflexionar y estudiar quién es Él.”
  3. “Él escogió artesanos a quienes Dios les había dado “sabiduría e inteligencia” éxodo 36:1… La destreza le importa a Dios “.
  4. “La habilidad debe desarrollarse”. “Mi falta de destreza puede provocar distracción, confusión y hasta irritación en la gente “.
  5. “Él está escuchando el sonido de nuestros corazones. “
  6. “nuestra meta es complacer a Dios, no hacer a todos felices “.
  7. “la parte más desafiante de tener un buen gusto musical es saber qué dejar fuera. “
  8. “lo importante es reconocer que dirigir a la iglesia en adoración a Dios requiere más que un corazón sincero y buenas intenciones. Requiere destreza y eso demanda trabajo, tiempo y preparación. “
  9. “Oro para que cada uno de nosotros nunca sustituya el talento, el don, la habilidad, o la destreza por lo que Dios realmente busca : adoración genuina que afecte todas las áreas de nuestras vidas”.

  10. “Dirigir la adoración se inicia con la manera en que vivo mi vida, no con lo que hago en público. Pablo sabía que la vida espiritual de un líder nunca es asunto privado”. 1 Timoteo 4:12
  11. “No son los cantos los que definen mi adoración, es mi vida”.
  12. “Seremos tentados al desaliento, ignorando que Dios no nos ha llamado a ser exitosos o populares: Él nos ha llamado a ser fieles “.
  13. Debemos”ser fieles en tratar que las personas se enfoquen en el Dios que adoramos “
  14. “Básicamente el fruto del liderazgo fiel es saber que hemos complacido a una audiencia de Uno. “
  15. “Nuestra meta no es el logro, la popularidad ni la realización personal. “
  16. “Donde los sentimientos por Dios están muertos, la adoración esta muerta “.
  17. “Simplemente repasar nuestros problemas no es adorar a Dios; pero recordar acerca de Su carácter en medio de ellos si lo es. “
  18. “Nuestra adoración es aceptada no en base a lo que hemos hecho, sino en base a lo que Cristo ha hecho “.
  19. “Además de ser coherentes y claros, debemos ser convincentes “.
  20. “La adoración a Dios es siempre una respuesta a la Palabra de Dios “.
  21. “Poner aparte las preferencias individuales por el bien de otros es obedecer “. Filipenses 2:4
  22. “es el evangelio el que nos pone juntos, no la música “.

““This will be their inheritance: I am their inheritance. You are to give them no possession in Israel: I am their possession.”‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭44:28‬ ‭CSB‬‬

“Y enseñarán a mi pueblo a hacer diferencia entre lo santo y lo profano, y les enseñarán a discernir entre lo limpio y lo no limpio.” Ezequiel‬ ‭44:23‬ ‭RVR1960‬‬

“Así ha dicho Jehová el Señor: Palmotea con tus manos, y golpea con tu pie, y di: ¡Ay, por todas las grandes abominaciones de la casa de Israel! porque con espada y con hambre y con pestilencia caerán.” Ezequiel‬ ‭6:11‬ ‭RVR1960‬‬

“La palabra de Cristo more en abundancia en vosotros, enseñándoos y exhortándoos unos a otros en toda sabiduría, cantando con gracia en vuestros corazones al Señor con salmos e himnos y cánticos espirituales.” Colosenses‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭RVR1960‬‬

“Todo lo que emprendió para el servicio del templo de Dios o referente a la ley y los mandamientos, lo hizo procurando buscar a Dios de todo corazón, y por eso tuvo éxito.” 2 Crónicas‬ ‭31:21‬ ‭DHH94I‬‬

“Then David said to his son Solomon, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He won’t leave you or abandon you until all the work for the service of the Lord’s house is finished.”                   1 Chronicles‬ ‭28:20‬ ‭CSB‬‬

“Y el número de ellos, con sus hermanos, instruidos en el canto para Jehová, todos los aptos, fue doscientos ochenta y ocho.” 1 Crónicas‬ ‭25:7‬ ‭RVR1960‬‬

Hope for strong Christian wives 💪

Sooooo lately it’s been a lot of bombarding about wrong feminism Vs. Macho views in the air. I don’t know you, but for me, more than just being annoyed, I’m starting to feel hurt over the expectations they have upon me as a women and upon my husband as men. 

I’m just tired of hearing personal points of view towards each gender role and sick of the misunderstandings of what the plan God pre-designed for each is. 

I just waited a little bit for my heart to calm to re-read this list a married couple shared with many couples at a conference to know how to keep on serving together in a ministry. 

For me, living for God and serving others as a team has ALWAYS been the motto of my marriage. I wouldn’t have been married otherwise. So it insults me a bit that one may think I’m in constant expectation for my husband to fill my closet with beautiful clothes and shoes. The reality of a serving couple is that they’re a team and each has their own responsibilities and gifts to complement the needs of a family and other ministry (family DO IS a ministry) and the plan God has for their particular circumstances.  I could make a lot of memes on “Expectations vs. Reality” about the daily life of a full-time serving couple that they’ll make you feel either shocked or start laughing without end. 

Ok… I told you I’m a LITTLE calmed not that I’m at peace with this…and plus my personality doesn’t help jaja. I’ll be expecting your comments and experiences. Praying God strengthens our determination to serve Him and may this keep us focused as married couples on the eternal things, I hope you find hope for your uniqueness in the body of Christ. 

Here’s the list: 

Working Together in Ministry

  1. Work as a team: it takes adjustments, work in deference before getting into the Learning Center.
  2. Allow God define your ministry: God is the One Who calls and equips. Psalm 62:5 “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” Define goals and strengths. Divide students into groups per work, ages, levels, etc. Decide better what will work for your school. Students should have their needs met.
  3. Appreciate each other’s differences: surrender your will to make other do things your way. Not only see, but appreciate other’s pint of view too. Trust each other. Admit when you’re wrong. Avoid criticism as it was a plague. Give your spouse acceptance on what he/she achieves.
  4. Affirm each other publicly and privately: no benefit on just thinking about it, but on publicly stating it. Others will be observing. You can get wisdom from each other because we are different. Share ideas to be more efficient. Celebrate Success!! YOU’RE NOT COMPETING! Be there for each other’s disappointments. “WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT!”
  5. Respect your husbands: Respect is as vital as oxygen to live. Wives are the ones from whom husbands need respect the most. Enjoy more, complain less. Support his ministry. If I support his ideas, he will not stop dreaming. When ministry gets hard turn into the book of Ruth where she submits her will and says “your God will be my God..”
  6. Love your wife: Sometimes is more important for her that you listen to what she has to say rather than giving her instructions. 
  7. Share responsibilities and feelings: “you” is less important than “we”. Be a team until death. Find time to talk. Marriage is a 100% PLUS another 100%, but sometimes you’ll have to give more than that. Talk when you feel you’re carrying more burden than the other part. If your marriage is strong, it will bring good fruit. 
  8. Revaluate your ministry if it is affecting your marriage: It is dangerous to be more compromised to ministry than marriage. 1 Corinthians 10:12 “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” Your relationship with God is more important than your ministry, and if your marriage is affecting your relationship with God, let other things aside to keep it healthy. Don’t let your personal life get around your work. You need to share things together. Whatever you like to do, do it together. Plan time out together. Reconnect things. RELAX & DREAM TOGETHER.
  9. Be each other’s best friend: this way, you will stand ministry pressures.
  10. Pray together: Turn to the Lord together for strength. Praise your staff, pray with them regularly. Pray for children. Don’t wait for crisis to start praying. Respect each other professionally.





It is not enough to have a song on your lips, you must also have a song in your heart. – Fanny Crosby