Hope for strong Christian wives ðŸ’ª

Sooooo lately it’s been a lot of bombarding about wrong feminism Vs. Macho views in the air. I don’t know you, but for me, more than just being annoyed, I’m starting to feel hurt over the expectations they have upon me as a women and upon my husband as men. 

I’m just tired of hearing personal points of view towards each gender role and sick of the misunderstandings of what the plan God pre-designed for each is. 

I just waited a little bit for my heart to calm to re-read this list a married couple shared with many couples at a conference to know how to keep on serving together in a ministry. 

For me, living for God and serving others as a team has ALWAYS been the motto of my marriage. I wouldn’t have been married otherwise. So it insults me a bit that one may think I’m in constant expectation for my husband to fill my closet with beautiful clothes and shoes. The reality of a serving couple is that they’re a team and each has their own responsibilities and gifts to complement the needs of a family and other ministry (family DO IS a ministry) and the plan God has for their particular circumstances.  I could make a lot of memes on “Expectations vs. Reality” about the daily life of a full-time serving couple that they’ll make you feel either shocked or start laughing without end. 

Ok… I told you I’m a LITTLE calmed not that I’m at peace with this…and plus my personality doesn’t help jaja. I’ll be expecting your comments and experiences. Praying God strengthens our determination to serve Him and may this keep us focused as married couples on the eternal things, I hope you find hope for your uniqueness in the body of Christ. 

Here’s the list: 

Working Together in Ministry

  1. Work as a team: it takes adjustments, work in deference before getting into the Learning Center.
  2. Allow God define your ministry: God is the One Who calls and equips. Psalm 62:5 “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” Define goals and strengths. Divide students into groups per work, ages, levels, etc. Decide better what will work for your school. Students should have their needs met.
  3. Appreciate each other’s differences: surrender your will to make other do things your way. Not only see, but appreciate other’s pint of view too. Trust each other. Admit when you’re wrong. Avoid criticism as it was a plague. Give your spouse acceptance on what he/she achieves.
  4. Affirm each other publicly and privately: no benefit on just thinking about it, but on publicly stating it. Others will be observing. You can get wisdom from each other because we are different. Share ideas to be more efficient. Celebrate Success!! YOU’RE NOT COMPETING! Be there for each other’s disappointments. “WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT!”
  5. Respect your husbands: Respect is as vital as oxygen to live. Wives are the ones from whom husbands need respect the most. Enjoy more, complain less. Support his ministry. If I support his ideas, he will not stop dreaming. When ministry gets hard turn into the book of Ruth where she submits her will and says “your God will be my God..”
  6. Love your wife: Sometimes is more important for her that you listen to what she has to say rather than giving her instructions. 
  7. Share responsibilities and feelings: “you” is less important than “we”. Be a team until death. Find time to talk. Marriage is a 100% PLUS another 100%, but sometimes you’ll have to give more than that. Talk when you feel you’re carrying more burden than the other part. If your marriage is strong, it will bring good fruit. 
  8. Revaluate your ministry if it is affecting your marriage: It is dangerous to be more compromised to ministry than marriage. 1 Corinthians 10:12 “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” Your relationship with God is more important than your ministry, and if your marriage is affecting your relationship with God, let other things aside to keep it healthy. Don’t let your personal life get around your work. You need to share things together. Whatever you like to do, do it together. Plan time out together. Reconnect things. RELAX & DREAM TOGETHER.
  9. Be each other’s best friend: this way, you will stand ministry pressures.
  10. Pray together: Turn to the Lord together for strength. Praise your staff, pray with them regularly. Pray for children. Don’t wait for crisis to start praying. Respect each other professionally.




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