inward trip to myself

since a kid I grey up far from my family… you know, in Mexico is normal and basic to grow up with all the cousins and ancles and aunts and grapndparents you have, but that was not my childhood case. Thou I had lots of friends froms school and church, it was always sad to leave them. I lived in the other side of the country, Cancún. I remember Christmas and New Years Celebreations being only with my parents and siblings and feeling that something missed.

I always wander how my childhood would have been like growing with all of them. I think it would be easier to talk to them about simple stuff, such as music, food, people, but no… is always same topic chats about work, few memories together and other relatives.

This past year a cousin of my age had his first baby. He is a pilot and he was the closest cousing I had as a child. We lived together 3 monthsd when we were about 5 years old, and got to like him very much. When I went to Cancun to live there, we cried for days after saying goodbye. I new we were not seeing each other for a long while, and that’s what happened. Last week I met his girlfriend and the new baby Luciana. It was amazing… Luciana is such a nice baby. Thou se has just been brought to life, I could feel Luciana was super Torrentera. How can such a little being be so much like the family! I can’t get it. Is amazing how much I can relate to her many facial expressions, face, and spirit. I’m just inlove with her.


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