We are cathedrals

Wandering through Strand Street at London, we found a hidden path that leaded  into a very narrow pedestrian street. It was hidden behind beautiful super antique buildings and we decided to discover the inside of what appeared a mysterious neighborhood. It was a mystery indeed that out of a mini street a HUGE church welcomed us. Temple Church is the name of the building. We took plenty of pictures before sunset began to take the light away. It had a beautiful architecture with the main nave round and side “castles” (I call “castles” the cylinders with cone ceilings that appear on castles in fairytales’ movies). Near the temple ar
e many other important buildings and a park, which are all part to British royalty. A so very fancy, cozy, and ordered complex.  We were all stunned with the beauty of this place.

After many pictures and long walk, we returned from where we came and continued our walk down Strand Street until suddenly, we found a little Christian (Protestant) bookstore. This time we were welcomed my a Cameroonian lady  – Sarah – who was married to an Scottish gentleman who was also there. She asked us from which country we were and started talking about a friend of her at church who told her about Mexican food, and how she loved it, etc etc. The chat turned into a large talk of encouragement talking about the Christian work in Mexico, then we talked aboout her Christian life; we shared the miracle the trip has had been, the many blessings we have experienced at London, what we were expecting God to answer while traveling through the UK; who we were, what we do at church in Mexico, etc, etc. It felt just like home— family like. Sarah gave us 3 precious activity books for children to know about  three famous Christian characters and told us how important the ministry to next generation is. She encouraged us to make our best out of everything God puts in our way.  As I said, we felt like we were family, we had everything in common.


This magic afternoon just made me realize how each Beleiver can become a beautiful cathedral. Yes, the building will never be enough to welcome the needy, the poor, the lost. We as Christians need to give that step we are called to. This step I beleive is being deferent each day, making every life choice praise God, and make others remember Jesus’ love for them expressed at the Cross. Stop being in a comfort zone trying not to give the extra mile or make any sacrifice needed to stand for the right! We are cathedrals. Just as Sarah, let us talk about the truth with our lives. The building can be the most pretty piece of architeture, but will never be complete without us making it home.


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